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Upgrade notes for 5.x.x

These notes give additional information about changes. Please always follow the main upgrade guide.

Important release changes

In Seafile 5.0, we moved all config files to the folder **/seafile-root/conf**, including:

  • -> conf/
  • ccnet/ccnet.conf -> conf/ccnet.conf
  • seafile-data/seafile.conf -> conf/seafile.conf
  • [pro only] pro-data/seafevents.conf -> conf/seafevents.conf


Python upgrade If you upgrade to 5.1.4+, you need to install the python-urllib3:

# for Ubuntu 16.04
sudo apt-get install python-urllib3

# for Debian 8
apt-get install python-urllib3

# for Centos 7
sudo yum install python-urllib3

# for Arch Linux
pacman -Sy python2-urllib3