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SeaDrive Client Changelog

3.0.9 (2024/04/25)

  • Improve handling of exceptional file/folder operations, e.g. creating files in root folder, read-only folders
  • Fixed some crash issues
  • [mac] Hide "Do not sync" menu item from context menu
  • [mac] Improved tray icon
  • [mac] Improved mechanism for preventing more than one seadrive file provider processes from running

3.0.8 (2024/02/21)

  • Support Single-Sign-On with desktop browser
  • [win] Delete invalid placeholders when re-login to an account
  • [mac] Adjust the color and size of icons in system tray area
  • [mac] Upload file execution permission
  • [mac] Keep messages in notification area
  • [mac] Fix some syncing issues

3.0.7 (2023/12/04)

  • Support accessing libraries with invisible sub-folder permissions
  • [mac] Don't remove cache folders when removing accounts
  • [mac] Always start extension when restarting the SeaDrive app
  • [win] Avoid a case that can create empty commits
  • [win] Make modifying cache location work again
  • Use system proxy settings by default

3.0.6 (2023/09/15)

  • [win] Upgrade Qt to 6.5.2 and OpenSSL 3.0
  • [win] Add a tip that re-syncing an account will create a new sync root folder
  • [mac] Fix a bug that uncaching a file will make it 0-sized

3.0.5 (2023/08/15)

  • [win] Fix thumbnail orientation issue
  • [mac] Add confirmation when move/copy files into root or category folders
  • [mac] Fix unix socket name too long issue
  • Fix bug when removing folder group permissions when notification server is used
  • Support some new errors returned by newer servers

3.0.4 (2023/06/10)

  • [mac] Fix crash bug when adding new account
  • [mac] Fix crash bug of GUI due to file descriptor leakage
  • Fix status icon display issue

3.0.3 (2023/05/25)

  • [win] Support image thumbnails
  • [win] Add resync account function, to help fix invalid placeholder issues
  • [win] Remove entry in explorer when remove an account
  • [win] Only convert file to placeholder after it's uploaded
  • [win] Fix a bug that opening a file returns all zeros
  • [win] Fix a bug that syncing doesn't work when restart SeaDrive with no network connection
  • [win] Fix seafile_ext64.dll permission
  • Require user confirmation when deleting a library
  • Always display "File Sync Errors" menu item in system tray icon menu
  • [mac] (Beta) Provide native Apple Silicon binary
  • [mac] (Beta) Upgrade Qt to 6.2.4
  • [mac] (Beta) Fix a bug that after downloading file with web browser to SeaDrive, file modification time becomes 1970.
  • [mac] (Beta) Add more actions to right-click menu in Finder

3.0.2 Beta (2023/03/24)

  • [mac] Use File Provider API to implement virtual drive
  • Allow syncing multiple accounts at the same time
  • Support notification server, which makes library and locked files update more timely

2.0.27 for Windows (2023/03/24)

  • [win] Update app signing certificate
  • [win] Fix a potential crash issue

2.0.26 (2022/12/28)

  • Ask for user confirmation when deleting more than 500 files at once

2.0.25 (Windows) (2022/12/03)

  • Disable removing invalid placeholders logic, to avoid mistakenly removing placeholders
  • Fix a crash issue when fails to register sync root
  • Avoid a potential case where empty commits are created

2.0.24 (Windows) (2022/11/14)

  • Add events.log for debugging local file changes
  • Remove invalid placeholders after re-login (when corresponsiding files were removed on server)
  • Resume creating placehooders when the first sync process was interrupted

2.0.24 (macOS) (2022/11/09)

  • Support macOS 13

2.0.23 (2022/08/18)

  • [Win] Fix problems when renaming libraries in the client

2.0.22 (2022/06/23)

  • [Win] Fix a placeholder size not updated issue.
  • Improving moving files/folders with special characters in names
  • [Linux] Fix CMake error

2.0.21 (Windows) (2022/03/21)

  • Don't remove cache folder when logout and remove account, to prevent unintended removal of files.
  • Disallow changing cases for library names.
  • Retry when failed to convert a file/folder to placeholder.

2.0.20 (2022/03/04)

  • [Win] Avoid creating empty change records
  • [Win] Fix a bug in cache cleaning: Don't clean files not uploaded yet.
  • Support cache path that contains empty spaces
  • Improve a few permission error messages
  • Show errors when fails to create share links or upload links
  • Support compiling with Qt 6.2

2.0.19 (Windows) (2021/12/29)

  • Ignore timestamp changes to .eml files
  • Unregister sync root when user choose to remove account data in uninstallation

2.0.18 (macOS) (2021/10/29)

  • Add support for macOS 12

2.0.18 (Windows) (2021/10/26)

  • Improve library loading speed on restart

2.0.17 (2021/09/30)

  • [Win] Fix unable to rename libraries
  • [Win] Avoid repetitively removing and re-downloading libraries in some rare cases
  • [Win] Add notification when all libraries are loaded on restart
  • [Win] Fix bug when a library is both shared personally and to a group

2.0.16 (2021/8/13)

  • [Win] Fix failure to delete placeholder files
  • [Win] Fix failure to create placeholder files when there are duplicate file names with different cases
  • Set Content-Type header in http requests

2.0.15 (2021/7/20)

  • [Win] Fix wrong status icon after a folder is moved to another library
  • [Win] Fix one more potential isssue that can cause "cloud operation invalid" error
  • [Win] Fix pinning a file in device
  • [Win] Pop-up notifications when a folder is moved to the category folder
  • [Linux] Fix build with latest GLib

2.0.14 (2021/5/26)

  • [Win] Fix crash issue when have multiple accounts with the same user names
  • [Win] Fix potential "cloud operation invalid" error when downloading a file
  • [Win] Avoid creating unwanted conflict files on restart
  • [Win] Handle renaming of invalid folder name
  • [Win] Support auto cleaning cache space
  • [Win,Mac] Support "seafile://" protocol for opening file with client
  • Report nicer error message when a library is too large to sync

2.0.13 (2021/3/23)

  • [Win] Fix crash issue when multiple accounts with the same name are used
  • [Win] Improve download speed for large files
  • [Win] Improvement and bug fixes for context menu
  • [Win] A few UI fixes
  • [Win] Support preconfigure cache folder location
  • [Mac] Fix bug for cleaning cached file/folder

2.0.12 (2021/1/29)

  • [Win] Fix crash issue when repeatedly download and cancel download some files
  • [Win] Fix some cases for creating unexpected conflict files
  • [Win] Automatically download new files for pinned folders
  • Don't create commits for read-only libraries. Avoid unexpected permission errors.
  • [Win] Add user names to the shortcut in File Explorer
  • [Win] Pop notifications when files are created in a category folder
  • [Win] Make the columns in transfer progress dialog resizable

2.0.10 (2020/12/29)

  • [Win] Add context menu
  • [Mac] Support Apple Silicon M1 CPU
  • [Linux] Unmount on exit

2.0.9 (2020/11/20)

  • [Mac] Fix failure to load kernel extension on macOS 11 Big Sur

2.0.8 (2020/11/14)

  • [Mac] Support macOS 11
  • [Win] Fix moving multiple files/folders across different folders

2.0.7 (2020/10/31)

  • [Win] Avoid unintended file deletions when removing seafile account
  • [Mac] Fix some application compatibility issues caused by extended file attributes handling

2.0.6 (2020/09/24)

  • [Win] Remove invalid characters from sync root folder name
  • [Win] Increase request timeout for rename library, delete library, create library, move folders
  • [Win] Avoid creating redundant sync root folders on restart
  • [Win] Support pre-configuration registry keys

1.0.12 (2020/08/25)

  • Fix occasional "permission denied" error when syncing a library

2.0.5 (2020/07/30)

  • Fix occasional "permission denied" error when syncing a library
  • [Win] Remove explorer shortcut when uninstall SeaDrive or change cache folder location

2.0.4 (2020/07/13)

  • [Win] Use username for cache folder name instead of a hash value
  • [Win] Retry download files when pinning a folder
  • [Win] Retry rename category folder when switching language
  • [Win] Only allow install on Windows 10 1709 or later
  • [Mac] Disable "search in Finder" option
  • Fix tray icon sync error status

2.0.3 (2020/06/17)

  • [Win] Fix crash on Windows 10 1709 - 1803
  • [Win] Show SeaDrive shortcut when opening files in 32-bit applications (e.g. Word)
  • [Win] Avoid creating unnecessary conflict files
  • [Win] Improve error message of opening placeholder files when SeaDrive is not running
  • [Win] Support removing account information when uninstall

2.0.2 (2020/05/23)

  • [Mac] Support syncing encrypted libraries
  • [Win] Support change cache location
  • [Win] Improve account switching behaviors
  • [Win] Other bug fixes

2.0.1 for Windows (2020/04/13)

  • Fix issues when switching languages
  • Fix issues for legacy Windows "8.3 format" paths
  • Improve speed of creating placeholders
  • Don't add SeaDrive cache folder to Windows search index
  • Use short hash instead of "servername_account" for cache folder name
  • Prevent the old Explorer extension from calling new SeaDrive (avoiding high CPU usage)
  • Fix small issues in encrypted library support
  • Change installation location from "Seafile Ltd" to "Seafile"
  • Add SeaDrive entry to Windows start menu
  • Change "seadrive" to "SeaDrive" in Explorer navigation pane
  • Fix SSO re-login failure

2.0.0 for Windows (2020/03/20)

  • Use Windows 10 native API to implement the virtual drive
  • Support syncing encrypted libraries

1.0.11 (2020/02/07)

  • Fix a bug that logout and login will lead to file deletion
  • [mac] Fix a bug in SSO

1.0.10 (2019/12/23)

  • Fix a bug that sometimes SeaDrive is empty when network unavailable
  • Fix generating too many tokens when library downloading failed
  • Fix sometimes files should be ignored are uploaded
  • Automatically re-sync a library if local metadata is broken
  • [mac] Add support for MacOS 10.15
  • [mac] Drop support for MacOS 10.12

1.0.8 (2019/11/05)

  • Support French and Germany language for top level folder name
  • Fix a compatible issue with Excel
  • Fix a problem in cleaning local cache
  • Support delete library in category My Libraries
  • Ignore .fuse_hidden file in Mac
  • Rotate seadrive.log

1.0.7 (2019/08/21)

  • [mac] Improve finder extension

1.0.6 (2019/07/01)

  • [fix, win] Fix a problem when uninstall or upgrade the drive client when the client is running.
  • [fix] Fix a crash problem when file path containing invalid character

1.0.5 (2019/06/11)

  • [fix] Fix lots of "Creating partial commit after adding" in the log
  • [fix] Fix permission at the client is wrong when a library shared to different groups with different permissions
  • [fix] Don't show libraries with online preview or online read-write permission
  • [mac] Add Mac Finder preview plugin to prevent automatically downloading of files

1.0.4 (2019/04/23)

  • [fix] Fix file locking
  • [fix] Fix support of detecting pro edition when first time login
  • Support Kerberos authentication

1.0.3 (2019/03/18)

  • [fix] Fix copy folders with properties into SeaDrive
  • [fix] Fix a possible crash bug when listing libraries

1.0.1 (2019/01/14)

  • Update included Dokany drive
  • Improve notification when user try to delete a library in the client
  • [fix] Fix getting internal link for folders
  • [fix] Fix problem after changing the cache directory
  • [fix] Fix support for guest users that have no storage capacity
  • [fix] Fix timeout when loading a library with a lot of files

1.0.0 (2018/11/19)

  • [fix] Allow a guest user to copy files into shared library
  • Support pause sync
  • [win] Add option to only allow current user to view the virtual disk
  • [win] Don't let the Windows to search into the internal cache folder
  • [win] Install the explorer extension to system path to allow multiple users to use the extension
  • [mac] Add option to allow search in Finder (disabled by default)
  • [mac] Update kernel drive to support Mac Mojave
  • [mac] Support office file automatically lock

0.9.5 (2018/09/10)

  • [fix, win] Fix support for some SSL CA
  • Redirect to https if user accidentally input server's address with http but the server is actually use http
  • [fix, win] Show a tooltip that the Windows system maybe rebooted during upgrading drive client
  • [fix, mac] Fix permission problems during installation on Mac 10.13+

0.9.4 (2018/08/18)

  • [win] No longer depends on .Net framework
  • [mac] Support file search in Finder
  • [win] Fix loading of HTTPS certifications

0.9.3 (2018/06/19)

  • [win] Show syncing status at the top level folders
  • [fix] Fix sometimes logout/login lead to empty drive folder
  • Support change cache folder
  • Add "open file/open folder" in search window
  • Set automatically login to true in SSO mode
  • [mac] Fix compatibility with AirDrop

0.9.2 (2018/05/05)

  • Fix a bug that causing SeaDrive crash

0.9.1 (2018/04/24)

  • Fix a bug that causing crash when file search menu is clicked

0.9.0 (2018/04/24)

  • Libraries are displayed under three folders "My Libraries", "Group Libraries", "Shared libraries"
  • [fix] Fix a bug in cleaning cache
  • [win] Update the kernel drive
  • Improve syncing notification messages
  • [mac] Include the kernel drive with the SeaDrive package
  • [mac] Add Finder sidebar shortcut
  • Add file search

0.8.6 (2018/03/19)

  • [fix] Fix compatibility with Visio and other applications by implementing a missing system API

0.8.5 (2018/01/03)

  • [fix] Fix SeaDrive over RDP in Windows 10/7
  • [fix] Fix SeaDrive shell extension memory leak
  • [fix] Fix duplicated folder/files shown in (macOS)
  • [fix] Fix file cache status icon for MacOS

0.8.4 (2017/12/01)

  • [fix] Fix Word/Excel files can't be saved in Windows 10
  • Add "download" context menu to explicitly download a file
  • Change "Shibboleth" to "Single Sign On"

0.8.3 (2017/11/24)

  • [fix] Fix deleted folder recreated issue
  • Improve UI of downloading/uploading list dialog

0.8.1 (2017/11/03)

  • Use "REMOVABLE" when mount the drive disk
  • Prevent creating "System Volume Information"
  • Some UI fixes

0.8.0 (2017/09/16)

  • [fix] Reuse old drive letter after SeaDrive crash
  • [fix] Fix rename library back to old name when it is changed in the server
  • [fix] Fix sometimes network can not reconnected after network down
  • Change default block size to 8MB
  • Make auto-login as default
  • Remount SeaDrive when it is unmounted after Windows hibernate

0.7.1 (2017/06/23)

  • [fix] Fix a bug that causing client crash

0.7.0 (2017/06/07)

  • Add support for multi-users using SeaDrive on a single desktop. But different users must choose different drive letters.
  • Improve write performance
  • [fix] When a non-cached file is locked in the server, the "lock" icon will be shown instead of the "cloud" icon.
  • Add "automatically login" option in login dialog
  • Add file transfer status dialog.

0.6.2 (2017/04/22)

  • [fix] Fix after moving a file to a newly created sub folder, the file reappear when logout and login
  • Refresh current folder and the destination folder after moving files from one library to another library
  • [fix] Fix file locking not work
  • [fix] Fix sometimes files can't be saved

0.6.1 (2017/03/27)

  • [fix] Don't show a popup notification to state that a file can't be created in S: because a few programs will automatically try to create files in S:

0.6.0 (2017/03/25)

  • Improve syncing status icons
  • Show error in the interface when there are syncing errors
  • Don't show rorate icon when downloading/uploading metadata
  • [fix] Don't download files when the network is not connected

0.5.2 (2017/03/09)

  • [fix] Rename a non-cached folder or file will lead to sync error.

0.5.1 (2017/02/16)

  • [fix] Fix copying exe files to SeaDrive on Win 7 will freeze the explorer
  • The mounted drive is only visible to the current user
  • Add popup notification when syncing is done
  • [fix] Fix any change in the settings leads to a drive letter change

0.5.0 (2017/01/18)

  • Improve stability
  • Support file locking
  • Support sub-folder permission
  • [fix] Fix 1TB limitation
  • User can choose disk letter in settings dialog
  • Support remote wipe
  • [fix] Use proxy server when login
  • Click system tray icon open SeaDrive folder
  • Support application auto-upgrade

0.4.2 (2016/12/16)

  • [fix] Fix SeaDrive initialization error during Windows startup

0.4.1 (2016/11/07)

  • [fix] Fix a bug that lead to empty S: drive after installation.

0.4.0 (2016/11/05)

  • [fix] Fix a bug that leads to generation of conflict files when editing
  • Add translations
  • Update included Dokany library to 1.0
  • Don't show encrypted libraries even in command line
  • Show permission error when copy a file to the root
  • Show permission error when try to modify a read-only folder
  • Show permission error when try to delete a folder in the root folder

0.3.1 (2016/10/22)

  • Fix link for license terms
  • Use new system tray icon
  • Add notification for cross-libraries file move

0.3.0 (2016/10/14)

  • Support selecting Drive letter
  • Don't create folders like msiS50.tmp on Windows
  • [fix] Fix cache size limit settings
  • Correctly show the storage space if the space is unlimited on the server side.

0.2.0 (2016/09/15)

  • Add shibboleth support
  • Show a dialog notify the client is downloading file list from the server during initialisation
  • Show transfer rate
  • [fix] Fix a bug that lead to the file modification time to be empty
  • [fix] Fix a bug that lead to files not be uploaded

0.1.0 (2016/09/02)

  • Initial release