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Open Cloud Mesh

From 8.0.0, Seafile supports OCM protocol. With OCM, user can share library to other server which enabled OCM too.

Seafile currently support connect to other Seafile servers with version greater than 8.0.


Add the following configuration to

# Enable OCM
OCM_PROVIDER_ID = '71687320-6219-47af-82f3-32012707a5ae' # the unique id of this server
        "server_name": "dev",
        "server_url": "https://seafile-domain-1/", # should ends with '/'
        "server_name": "download",
        "server_url": "https://seafile-domain-2/", # should ends with '/'

OCM_REMOTE_SERVERS is the list of servers that you want your users to share libraries with.


Share library to other server

In the library sharing dialog, jump to "Share to other server", you can share this library to user of other server with "Read-Only" or "Read-Write" permission. Also you can view shared records and cancel sharing. ocm-share-to-other-server

View be shared libraries

You can jump to "Shared from other servers" page to view the libraries shared by other servers and cancel the sharing. ocm-list-be-shared-libraries

And enter the library to view, download or upload files. ocm-view-download-upload-files-in-library