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Seahub customization

Customize Seahub Logo and CSS

Create a folder <seafile-install-path>/seahub-data/custom. Create a symbolic link in seafile-server-latest/seahub/media by ln -s ../../../seahub-data/custom custom.

During upgrading, Seafile upgrade script will create symbolic link automatically to preserve your customization.

Add your logo file to custom/

Overwrite LOGO_PATH in

LOGO_PATH = 'custom/mylogo.png'

Default width and height for logo is 149px and 32px, you may need to change that according to yours.


Customize Favicon

Add your favicon file to custom/

Overwrite FAVICON_PATH in

FAVICON_PATH = 'custom/favicon.png'

Customize Seahub CSS

Add your css file to custom/, for example, custom.css

Overwrite BRANDING_CSS in

BRANDING_CSS = 'custom/custom.css'

Customize help page

Note: Since version 2.1.

First go to the custom folder

cd <seafile-install-path>/seahub-data/custom

then run the following commands

mkdir templates
mkdir templates/help
cp ../../seafile-server-latest/seahub/seahub/help/templates/help/install.html templates/help/

Modify the templates/help/install.html file and save it. You will see the new help page.

Add an extra note in sharing dialog

You can add an extra note in sharing dialog in

    'title': 'Attention! Read before shareing files:',
    'content': 'Do not share personal or confidential official data with **.'


Add custom navigation items

Since Pro 7.0.9, Seafile supports adding some custom navigation entries to the home page for quick access. This requires you to add the following configuration information to the conf/ configuration file:

    {'icon': 'sf2-icon-star',
     'desc': 'Custom navigation 1',
     'link': ''
    {'icon': 'sf2-icon-wiki-view',
     'desc': 'Custom navigation 2',
     'link': ''
    {'icon': 'sf2-icon-wrench',
     'desc': 'Custom navigation 3',
     'link': ''

**Note: The icon field currently only supports icons in Seafile that begin with sf2-icon. You can find the list of icons here:

Then restart the Seahub service to take effect.

Once you log in to the Seafile system homepage again, you will see the new navigation entry under the Tools navigation bar on the left.

    'seafile': '',
    'dtable-web': ''


    'seafile': '',
    'dtable-web': ''