Seafile is an open source cloud storage system with file encryption and group sharing.

Collections of files are called libraries, and each library can be synced
separately. A library can be encrypted with a user chosen password. This
password is not stored on the server, so even the server admin cannot view a
file's contents.

Seafile allows users to create groups with file syncing, a wiki and discussions to
enable easy collaboration around documents within a team.


The different components of Seafile project are released under different licenses:

  • Seafile iOS client: Apache License v2
  • Seafile Android client: GPLv3
  • Desktop syncing client: GPLv2
  • Seafile Server core: AGPLv3
  • Seahub (Seafile server Web UI): Apache License v

About this manual

The "source code" of this manual is hosted on GitHub:

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