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Setup Seafile cluster with NFS

In a Seafile cluster, one common way to share data among the Seafile server instances is to use NFS. You should only share the files objects on NFS. Here we'll provide a tutorial about how and what to share.

How to setup nfs server and client is beyond the scope of this wiki. Here are few references:

  • Ubuntu:
  • CentOS:

Supposed your seafile server installation directory is /data/haiwen, after you run the setup script there should be a seafile-data directory in it. And supposed you mount the NFS drive on /seafile-nfs, you should follow a few steps:

  • Move the seafile-data folder to /seafile-nfs:
mv /data/haiwen/seafile-data /seafile-nfs/
  • On every node in the cluster, make a symbolic link to the shared seafile-data folder
cd /data/haiwen
ln -s /seafile-nfs/seafile-data /data/haiwen/seafile-data

This way the instances will share the same seafile-data folder. All other config files and log files will remain independent.