After upgrading Web UI is broken because CSS files can't be loaded


Please remove the cache and try again, rm -rf /tmp/seahub_cache/*. If you configured memecached, restart memcached, then restart Seahub.

If the problem is not fixed, check whether seafile-server-latest point to the correct folder. Then check whether seafile-server-latest/seahub/media/CACHE is correctly being generated (it should contain the auto-generated CSS file(s)).

Avatar pictures vanished after upgrading the server, what can I do?


  • You need to check whether the "avatars" symbolic link under seahub/media/ is linking to ../../../seahub-data/avatars. If not, you need to correct the link according to the "minor upgrade" section in Upgrading-Seafile-Server.

  • If your avatars link is correct, and avatars are still broken, you may need to refresh Seahub cache using rm -rf /tmp/seahub_cache/* or by restarting memcached if being used.

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