Seahub customization

Customize Seahub Logo and CSS

Create a folder <seafile-install-path>/seahub-data/custom. Create a symbolic link in seafile-server-latest/seahub/media by ln -s ../../../seahub-data/custom custom.

During upgrading, Seafile upgrade script will create symbolic link automatically to preserve your customization.

  1. Add your logo file to custom/
  2. Overwrite LOGO_PATH in

    LOGO_PATH = 'custom/mylogo.png'
  3. Default width and height for logo is 149px and 32px, you may need to change that according to yours.

    LOGO_WIDTH = 149
    LOGO_HEIGHT = 32

Customize Favicon

  1. Add your favicon file to custom/
  2. Overwrite FAVICON_PATH in
   FAVICON_PATH = 'custom/favicon.png'

Customize Seahub CSS

  1. Add your css file to custom/, for example, custom.css
  2. Overwrite BRANDING_CSS in

    BRANDING_CSS = 'custom/custom.css'

You can find a good example of customized css file here:

Note: Since version 2.1.

Create a folder templates under <seafile-install-path>/seahub-data/custom

Note: Since version 6.0, Seafile uses a full screen adaptive design, footer is removed.

  1. Copy seahub/seahub/templates/footer.html to seahub-data/custom/templates.
  2. Modify footer.html.

Customize Download page

  1. Copy seahub/seahub/templates/download.html to seahub-data/custom/templates.
  2. Modify download.html.

Customize Help page

  1. Copy seahub/seahub/help/templates/help to seahub-data/custom/templates/help.
  2. Modify pages under help.

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