Quota and other options

Note: Since Seafile Server 5.0.0, all config files are moved to the central conf folder. Read More.


You may set a default quota (e.g. 2GB) for all users. To do this, just add the following lines to seafile.conf file

# default user quota in GB, integer only
default = 2

After Community Edition 5.0.5, you can also set the default quota in KB, MB, GB or TB. For example,

default = 200MB

Note that 1TB = 1000GB = 1000*1000MB and so forth.

This setting applies to all users. If you want to set quota for a specific user, you may log in to seahub website as administrator, then set it in "System Admin" page.

Default history length limit (seafile.conf)

If you don't want to keep all file revision history, you may set a default history length limit for all libraries. In seafile.conf:

keep_days = days of history to keep

Change upload/download size limit.

In seafile.conf:

# Set maximum upload file size to 200M.

# Set maximum download directory size to 200M.

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