Seafile Network Configurations (ccnet.conf)

Note: Since Seafile Server 5.0.0, all config files are moved to the central conf folder. Read More.

You may change Seafile's network options by modifying ccnet.conf file. Let's walk through the options by an example.


# Used internally. Don't delete.

# Used internally. Don't delete.

# This is outside URL for Seahub(Seafile Web). 
# The domain part (i.e., will be used in generating share links and download/upload file via web.
# Note: Outside URL means "if you use Nginx, it should be the Nginx's address"

# Not used anymore

# Not used anymore

Note: You should restart seafile so that your changes take effect.

cd seafile-server
./ restart

Changing MySQL Connection Pool Size

When you configure ccnet to use MySQL, the default connection pool size is 100, which should be enough for most use cases. You can change this value by adding following options to ccnet.conf:

# Use larger connection pool

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